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Overview of The Cellular Drone Development

Demo and break down each development of the project

Guocheng Wei

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I named this project DCenter for Drone Center, hoping that it can develop into a centralized platform that support commercial drones to fly half-autonomously with collision avoidance and stream data and 4K video to any user.

Currently, I setup a simplified infrastructure on the Heroku and GCP, and build an Android app as both the adaptor and the controller of the drone. Cellular Drone blog will give you a more comprehensive view of the whole project and the evaluation of the current stage.


The following is a quick demo of the project. There are two Android phones. The right one works as the Drone Receptro (DR), which is connected to the drone via the micro-usb. The left one serves as the Remote Controller (RC), which send all control messages to the cloud server.

In order to simplify the shooting, I used DJI Assistant Simulator to visualize the movement of the drone.

At the end of the video, I will show you the website and the end-to-end latency of each control message.


I break down the development into 5 parts:

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